Hello! I'm Martin


And I am 26 years old. I have a strong passion for technology
and music, and how each can be combined to access unexplored realms of creativity.

I have been exposed to technology from the tender age of four, when I received my first games console; The Sega Megadrive. I was hooked, and still am. I am extremely interested in the latest
developments of Virtual Reality - A far cry from the Sega days!

Through this exposure, I have developed a very strong sense of confidence regarding technology. It has allowed me to quickly understand and implement new processes. This coupled with my
employment and higher education experience (over the span of nearly a decade) puts me in good stead to learn new techniques within new environments. I have built two computers from scratch and operated within the internet since 2002.

Through my various positions of employment, I attended Coatbridge College and Edinburgh Napier University, achieving an NQ in Digital Media, an HND in Interactive Media and a Bachelors Degree in Interactive Media Design. I removed myself from the honorary year due to creative differences. I felt my employment prospects did not match my ambition and drive at the time. I originally intended to be a Web Designer, but the
course, over time, strayed far from that goal. The explosion of "Done-For-You" online website builders (Wix, Wordpress etc) rendered the knowledge I'd learn as almost useless. However, the assignment deadlines allowed me to work under pressure.

I have had a full clean driving license since 2009 and this has been one of the greatest, if not the greatest thing I have achieved. The sense of freedom and control provided is immensely reliable when compared to public transport.

Through the last decade, I have grown as a person and came to understand the importance of being punctual. The rippling effect of poor time management is significant for workplace efficiency and moral.

I am a self-taught guitarist / singer-songwriter and have played over 30 open mic nights across Glasgow, including headlining the Classic Grand.

I am very grateful for the time you have spent reading this statement and hope to speak with you soon.

Best regards,



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